It all started a long time ago. My Name is David Groover and I'm the founder of House of Grooves. In my household through the years my parents were masters of cooking. My Dad used to beat the original founder of Longhorn steakhouse every single year in the chili Cookoffs at Tucker Days located in the suburbs of Atlanta. 5 years ago my Dad was diagnosed with end stage renal disease also known as Kidney Failure. This meant he had to change his diet but nothing was up to par. I'll never forget me and my dad arguing one day after dialysis about where he wanted to go and eat. I kept telling him you can't have sodium, you can't have fast food and he looked at me and said there's no places to eat. Being a restaurant manager myself I understood what he meant and started researching recipes. They weren't that great but I knew I could throw a culinary touch and use different methods and create one off dishes.  First was our Singapore steak with Curry, then it delved into making salad dressings. My dad was in and out of the hospital for the majority of years 2 and 3 through dedicated research and speaking with nutritionists I figured out other recipes. I hope you'll find my creations worth while.